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18k gold filled beaded bracelets

Handmade, stretchy, and made for everyday wear.

The perfection addition to any stack.

Available with 3mm, 4mm, + 5mm beads


Gold Beaded Bracelets

  • Our gold filled jewelry is hypoallergenic, safe to wear in the shower, and safe to workout in.  Due to buildup of natural oils, sweat, etc.  we recommend cleaning your jewelry 1-2x per week with mild dish soap (we like Dawn) and warm water. Then pat dry with a soft, lint free cloth, never rub. 

    You can also use a jewelry cloth to polish your jewelry and bring back the shine.

    Basic lotions are fine but remove your jewelry when putting on anything strong - retinol, peels, glycolic acid, self tanner, etc. and be careful when using perfumes and hairspray. Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals and do not wear your jewelry in salt water or chlorine.